Abdominal and Emotional Health Program

Integrated Abdominal and Emotional Health Program

Your body may have something to tell you about whether your diet or lifestyle is working for you – and if the message isn’t heeded at first it may start to get louder. Messages from your body may include daily fatigue, anxiety, upset stomachs, low immune system, memory changes, feelings of overwhelm, irritability or stress related diseases. Healing your gut allows the body to inform the brain that it’s okay to feel good again. The mind and brain cannot be viewed separately.

The Integrated Abdominal Health Programs allow the client to receive holistic, mindful treatments and  will enable the client to be equipped with tools to assist their own healing process.

The program covers areas such as:

  • Thorough Psycho Physical Assessment
  • Chi Nei Tsang Treatments and applied Infused oils
  • Psychotherapeutic Intervention
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Nourishment
  • Self-Healing Techniques

6-10 Sessions recommended: Program Fees are based on 6 sessions or more.

 Program Fees 

Initial Session with Assessment: $135


Following Sessions: $100