Helena is the Principal Therapist and Founder of Ora Well. She has an extensive background, over 20 years’ experience in working as a Therapeutic and Child Protection Social Worker, Supervisor, Regional Practice Analyst, Advisor and Educator for the Ministry of Social Development. Her experience is vast, also working for The Department of Corrections, Mental Health Services, and Community Organisations, as a Therapist and Change Facilitator.



Helena holds a Bachelor of Arts in the Social Sciences, Social Practitioner, from Massey University and A Bachelor of Social Services in Counselling (with Distinction). Studies include,  Health Studies, Rehabilitation, Psychology, Sociology,  Human Development,  Psychotherapy and Crisis debriefing.  Her work as an Integrated Counsellor creates options for her clients, who see the world from their unique perspective.  The modalities that she weaves into her work;  focused energy Models such as  Energy Psychology, 3 Levels of training in EFT, Advanced Theta Work, DNA Advanced,  Intuitive Anatamony and Quantum Energy Therapy. She is trained in Trauma Release Techniques. Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma. She is a Certified Practitioner in Hawaiian Body work, trained by Essential Body Work, Australia. Ora Well’s signature Massage work, Mauri Ora Massage, is a fusion of massage and profound energy work. Helena is a trained and Certified Practitioner, in Advanced Medical Chi Nei Tsang, for Abdominal and Emotional Health.

Helena has developed a number of Projects for both NGO and Covernment Initiatives, such as Housing, Development of Soical Services,  creating models of Change and Procedures for Education and Rehabilitation Services for the Prison system, targeted at both male and female prisoners.  Her passion and strengths lie in assisting people to make positive “change” in their lives. Her work has reached people from an array of backgrounds, her clients are Workers across the Helping Industry, individual adults, children, mixed gender, sexuality, socio economic background and ethnicity.


Tadek has a 10 year background working with men who have experienced challenging lifestyle circumstances. He has a strong professional history working within Government Departments. Tadek has also worked with men with acute mental health issues. He has completed intensive training in Bodywork Modalities from international tutors and has ongoing mentoring. He has studied with, Patrick Zeigler in Sekham Eygyption – All Love Heart Energy and Vibration Work and certified Quantum Energy Touch Therapy.


Dominique is a new member of the Mauri Ora Wellness team. She is an Australian Certified Lomi Lomi Practitioner. She specialises in relaxation massage, both single and 4 handed massage and Replenishment treatments. She works only with female clients