We invite you to experience a one2one Theta Healing session.

Theta healing is one of the most effective and changing forms of healing or transformation for personal development.
Working in theta allows the practitioner to simply and quickly, identify and release deeply held blocks or limiting beliefs and emotions that are stored within the mind, body, subconscious and soul. They are then transformed and reprogrammed to enable you to connect with others and the world in a more spacious and creative way

Titirangi Clinics

Where: 10/3, 56 Hollywood Ave, Titirangi
Where: Titirangi Community Hall
Dates:  9/6, 15/9, 1/12
Time: 10.00–12pm

Northshore Clinics:
Where: Highbury Community Centre
Dates: 21/2, 24/5, 9/8, 14/11
Time: 6.00-8.00pm

Northland Clinics:
Where: Kakariki Room Mangawhai
When: 7/4, 7/7, 13/10
Time: 10.00-12.00pm

Create abundance in your relationships, career, finances, physical health and personal growth
All sessions are approximately a half hour. They will enable you to have a taste of Theta work, with a certified advanced practitioner. It is recommended that you book your session times

A koha or donation at the end of your session would be appreciated

For more information please contact:
Helena 021480171
Jacky 0210572519
Rachelle 0276584552