Goddess Replenishing Retreats

As busy modern women with jobs, homes, and families who are striving towards creating the lives we desire, we spend a lot of time rushing from one activity to another. It’s often all too easy in this situation to forget that the energy we pour out to manage our  homes, families and careers, and even to accomplish goals we set for ourselves such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle or making time to follow our passions needs to be replenished from time to time.

Stress is the great precursor to other problems in today’s world. Juggling the many commitments we all seem to have- even those we love- can result in an insidious kind of constant pressure that women in particular are prone to. Studies show we find it difficult to draw boundaries and  that many of us are still  dealing with the ‘superwoman’ or ‘having it all’ mentality.

Here at Mauri Ora Wellness we believe that its essential to relax, re-energise and renew the goddess within.

Modern day goddesses gather for a variety of reasons, to bring joy creativity and well-being to their lives, to celebrate birthdays, friendships, and important life events.

No upcoming event to celebrate? Sometimes you just need to gather, honour and remind one another of the amazing women that you are and celebrate it….by gifting yourselves total relaxation and healing, in a tranquil setting set in the bush, beautiful flowing  massage strokes from the Pacific  – Treatments that will allow you to feel nurtured, peaceful…you will leave with enhanced well-being ready to face the world again recharged, refocused – reclaiming the amazing goddesses that you truly are.

We can help you create an amazing Goddess gathering…

Please click here to take a look at our Replenishment Menu for ideas, an individualised menu can be developed for you and your budget

Heres what one of our devine Goddess’s had to say …… Goddess Celebrations

“What a very special birthday I had being a Goddess with my girlfriends!  Although I’ve had beautiful nourishing massages with Helena previously, the real icing was my Goddess Day. Helena and Tadek went to so much trouble to create a special space, spoilings with gorgeous nibbles to keep the wolf from the door while we had scrubs, massages, magical facials and soaks in the spa bath. We could have been in Bali – only we were in the kauri tops in beautiful Titirangi! Added to the nourishing and healing that Helena brings, is Tadek’s unobtrusive and sensitive presence and a massage that blows you away. Helena and Tadek are truly wonderful healers.”