Mauri Ora Mindful Massage Workshop


This workshop will be held in Titirangi amongst the beautiful energy of the Native Kauri Trees, in the Waitakere Ranges

Mauri Ora Signature Massage is renowned for its nurturing and balancing qualities, its rhythmic pacific strokes, high vibration and energetic flow, profound relaxation and healing qualities.

No prior massage training is required for this training. This workshop is aimed at non practitioners. It is targeted at those that are interest in learning the basics of this wonderful massage technique.


What we will cover

Day 1

  • “Mauri” acknowledges the connectedness and balance of all living things; we will begin our Practice learning to be completely “present” and “connected” on all levels tinana ora (physical health), hinengaro ora (mental health) wairua ora (spiritual health whanau ora (family health)
  • “Ha” Breath Work and simple Yoga stretches
  • Running Mauri Energy
  • Basic knowledge related to the Energy Chakra Centres
  • Basic Foot Massage
  • Basic Hand Massage

 Day 2

  • Oil and Draping
  • Communication and assessment
  • You will learn some simple strokes and runs for full body massage
  • Running energy
  • We conclude our day with our usual diconnecting ritual, a relaxing wind down and sharing moments, question time and a dip in the hot tub if needed

This training is more than just learning a massage technique; it is a journey that allows deep introspective thought to occur, increased self awareness and self healing

To keep cost down we will enjoy a shared lunch. Morning and Afternoon Tea will be provided. You will be able to purchase and order on registration… The Green Smoothie of the Day.

You are also able to purchase our Virgin Coconut Oil or Mauri Raw Coco Infusions of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blends


Investment:   $180 per day

When: 28-29 March 2015

Where: Mauri Ora Premises. Titirangi


Contact Details: If you have any queries please contact  Helena 09 8176601    021580171

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