Mindful Couples Massage

If you would like to replenish your relationship, rediscover your partner, take your relationships to new heights, learn tools in connecting and increasing intimacy and trust, this workshop is for you.

Mindful Couples Massage is about truly being in the moment without judgement, not resenting the past, or worrying about the future, in this moment in time, your intention is purely giving and receiving love.

Touch is its own, unique form of communication, which can foster genuine understanding between partners in ways that words alone cannot.  Touch can comfort, stimulate, bridge gaps, and heal.  It can communicate more love in five seconds than words can in five minutes”

Massage is the Language of Love, it is divinelyLushus ….it nurtures your intimate connection as a couple, enhances or brings back romance and trust in your life. 

Spending time alone massaging another creates a space of softness, of nourishment and calmness.  You are energetically connected, bringing back rhythm and flow, melting away toxic thoughts and blockages, allowing a greater capacity for love, compassion, gratitude and communication.  

What we will Cover

  •  Learn techniques in clearing old resentment, anger, negative emotions, increase your capacity for new pathways to open up, with a taste of Emotional Freedom Technique.
  •  Reconnection through breath and a taste of simple couple yoga. Enhancing verbal and non verbal communication, enabling trust and faith to occur.   An excellent method for expression and growth.  Engaging in postures creates a dynamic tension that is a great channel for conflict release.
  •  Mindful massage is a non sexual workshop, there is no nudity, and it is not Tantra work. How you adapt your new skills, is up to you. You will naturally enhance your love making skills; massage is a wonderful prelude to love making. You will learn to take your partner on a massage journey of body and mind romance, lulling your partner into a comfortable relaxed state…applying the art of tease and creating wonderful Anticipation

Day 1

 Romantic Seated massage is truly Lushus

 Clearing the pathway

  • The breath and connection
  • Couple simple yoga stretch
  • About different oils,  how  to apply them, ambiance
  • You will learn a repertoire of basic seated massage strokes,
  • Your will learn to rediscover, natural rhythm, flow and fluidity in your massage strokes
  • Learn to truly listen to your partner, via feedback, nonverbal cues, body language.

Day 2

Romantic Massage Stokes from the Pacific…a massage like no other

 Preparing your environment, ambience, oils,  burners

  • Draping
  • Learning the HA breath
  • Massage strokes
  • Creating the massage date

Day 1 is a prerequisite of Day 2; however you may exit on completion of Day 1.  Day 2 is for couples who are wanting to learn, Lushus  romantic,  Basic Pacific  Seas massage strokes either preformed on a massage bed or foam mattress.

Where: Mauri Ora Wellness Premises (Titirangi)

When : 7 -8 March  2015

Time:    9.30 – 4.30

Investment: $180 per day per individual

Early Bird Rates apply for the 2 day registration only. It is offered at $160 per individual before February 7th

The Best Investment your will ever make

Refreshments available:

  • Morning and afternoon Herbal Tea and refreshments supplied
  • Please bring something for a shared lunch, out on the deck amongst the Kauri Trees, weather permitting
  • Hot Tub available
  • You are to order order Green Smoothies , Chilled Tea from our Native Ti Menu

On the last day we conclude with a lovely beverage and chat about creating your next massage date and generally relax and mingle or soak in the tub overlooking the Waitakere ranges.

If you are wanting  to treat yourself to a wonderful special weekend away, or would just like to have a lovely stay over in our beautiful Titirangi, surrounded in cafes, art gallery and gift shops, given enough notice,   we are able to arrange accommodation. If you would like to extend your stay, we are a nearby the beautiful western beaches and able to offer information on the amazing tramps in our Waitakere Ranges.

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