Mindful Therapy Programs



Mindfulness Programs enable you to regain  mastery over your thoughts and feelings, rather than feeling like you are drowning and overwhelmed by painful thoughts, feelings and sensations. Mindfulness gives you space in the present moment to gently and safely be able to deal with painful memories of the past and feelings of insecurity about the future.

When we develop mindfulness skills (both traditional techniques, and other modern interventions) which enable us to fundamentally change our relationship with painful thoughts and feelings. When we practise these skills in everyday life, painful feelings and unhelpful thoughts have much less impact and influence over us.

Overwhelming emotion and stress, trigger our bodys automatic internal reaction process. A rapid cascade of changes in the nerevous system occur. Repitition of this process creates stress hormones to accumulate, which can lead to stress related disease, psychological disorders and impacts the mindbodys ability to heal. Creating awareness around this leads to a greater internal state of calm and our bodys ability to restore internal balance on all levels.

 About Programs

  • Mindfulness Therapy Programs give you tools and strategies to change your life positively
  • Thorough Counselling Assessment will ascertain issues that need to be worked on. The whole person is considered, from an integrative approach and interventions include, talk counselling, energy psychology, body work modalities and various Mindfulness techniques . The appropriate modalities will be recommended based on assessment and agreement from the client. Programs honor the clients unique world view
  • Within one on one sessions, we create awareness of the mindbody connection.
  • Teaching you to become the observer,  you will learn how to measure your own MindBody intensity,  an array of self help techniques to use for yourself and family members, a greater knowledge of bodymind nourishment, unblock negative belief systems that keep you stuck. Further to your “kete” of Knowledge you will take away self help tools including EFT basics. Couples will learn basic Hawaiian Massage Strokes. Mindfulness breath work and techniques.
  • Mindfulness programs are very cost effective, there is no up front bulk payment, but we do ask that a commitment be made for at least 6 sessions, after all we develop negative coping mechanisms and belief systems over a life time and can’t expect to change these overnight.

Program Specialities

  • Stress Relief and Prevention: Genernal Stress symptoms: Burn outCompassion Fatigue for the “Helping Industry” :  Social Services, Teachers, Police, Medical, Paid or Unpaid


Mindfulness programs will equip you with tools and techniques to assist you in all aspects of your life. They do require real intention, motivation and action for change, by completing homework and practice…  you will take back mastery of your life.