Oil Vibes



Lemongrass essential oil (Cymbopagon flexuosus)


Primary Benefits

  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Soothes aching muscles and tendons
  • Purifies and tones skin

Emotional Benefits

Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, lemongrass is said to be the oil of energetic cleansing. In this way it might be helpful in clearing energy from a home, or letting go of negative energy you might be holding onto, which may help those feeling stuck, heavy, or depressed.

Popular Uses of Lemongrass Essential Oil

This oil cleanses the skin, reduces the appearance of pores, tightens the skin and controls the over-secretion of oil. Use it every day to get smooth skin sans scars and wrinkles.

All over balm moisteriser and massage oil

  • To help soothe sore joints or muscle strains, combine equal parts fractionated coconut oil and Lemongrass oil and rub topically on area of concern.
  • A wonderful antiseptic or fungal palm for toenails
  • Rub or spritz on skin before going outside. Lemongrass essential oil naturally repels insects.
  • To relieve despair, place  roll onto points, , or roll onto palms, rub hands together, and inhale softly for up to 30 seconds or longer as desired.
  • great mental energiser roll onto point or rub hands together  and inhale softly for up to 30 seconds or longer as desired.
  • Refreshing deodorant


Be certain the material you have purchased is pure lemongrass, as unknown additives to the herb can cause unforeseen reactions. Not recommended for pregnant women.