Replenishment Menu

When feeling depleted
our Replenishment Treatments will nourish you naturally
mind, body, spirit…

Our bodies and minds are easily overwhelmed by stress. Fatigue and exhaustion, unprocessed memories and emotions.  The stresses of everyday life are easily trapped in our bodies unless we take the time to clear and replenish them. When a person becomes sick or fatigued the Mauri (life force) of that person weakens, imbalance occurs. Mauri Ora Replenishment Menu is New Zealand Maori and Pacific Seas Inspired, it is more than a “Spa Pamper.” Profound relaxation is a precondition for healing to occur, allowing Body and Mind to refuel and nourish deep down at the cell level.  You will experience inner tranquillity and leave feeling a new calmness and inner peacefulness as equilibrium is restored.

The perfect gift to yourself or a loved one, is the opportunity to allow yourself the time to relax and re balance.

We will create a Replenishment packages for your unique needs. Whether you would like to Replenish for one hour or one day, is entirely up to you.

Within your Replenishment package we are able to provide light refreshments during your stay.

Please have a look at a few of our package combinations below and our list of Add ons.

Mauri Ora Healing and Rongoa

Mauri Signature Massage and Healing restores and balances the Mauri (life force),  Wairua Ora (spirit), Tinana Ora (Body), Hinengaro Ora(mind).

Therapy Time Rate
Mauri Signature Massage and Healing 90 mins $145
Mauri Signature Massage and Healing 120 mins $190
 calming, healing foot ritual

Kawa Kawa, Magnesium Crystal’s, Lavender Essential Oils

Sit back  and relax, centering with Ha Breath preparing to slow body and mind. You may like to sip on one of our beautiful Replenishment Teas from our Native Plant Tea Menu…close your eyes and feel your stress just melt away.

Finish with a Soothing Magnesium Foot Scrub, Coconut Oil, and essential Lavender oils

A Mauri Ora Foot Massage is a wonderful Add on

Therapy Rate
Oranga Wae WaeFoot Massage  $50 -$80
Kanohi Marino

Relaxing and Calming Face, Neck, Head and under Body Back Massage with Oil Blend Synergy

When we are overwhelmed we wear this on our face, a relaxed open face can captivate others.

So Melt your stresses away with our amazing Organic Rejuvenating Face Serum Massage. Botanical formulations that will nourish the skin and replenish its natural vitality, leaving your face soft, supple. Its light and non-greasy, deeply nourishing and hydrating. Our beautiful blend offers, JOJBA GOLDEN ROSEHIP, AMYRIS, PETIGRAIN, GERANIUM, YLANG, SANDLEWOOD, NEROLI, BLOSSOM, AVOCADO

To further release pent up stress and tension, we combine our Hawaiian under-body back, neck, increasing circulation, moving toxins and energy. Hawaiian under-body strokes are used to help bring the body back into its correct rhythm and balance. You will leave feeling nourished and replenished you will truly radiate inner beauty outward.

Therapy Time Rate
Kanohi Marino 60 mins from $50
The amazing Synergy of Mauri Massage, the infusion of coconut oil and Native Plant Vibes, you may like to add another layer by enhancing your healing experience with Native Plant Vibe and oral Tincture , absorption on all levels … This layering effect is extremely beneficial

New Zealand Flower essences work at a vibration or energetic level to re-balance the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They work on the electrical network within and surrounding the physical body to correct imbalances and to re-align our energy systems for holistic well being.

Please take a look at our variety of blends.

Therapy Time Rate
Native Plant Vibe Massage 60 mins from $120
Tap into your own vital life energy with pure essential oils and blend that help you rediscover tranquility when you slow down and seek out the small moments of bliss that keep spiritual, mental, and emotional health in balance.

The essential oils are absorbed by the skin, and the positive therapeutic effects of the essential oils will be transported to your entire body.

You may choose from any of our wonderful healing synergies – depending on your unique needs

Marino… calming oil blends, slowing down the mind and nervous system calm the mind and nervous system. Ideal aid for sleep disorders, stress, mental anxieties and nervousness.

Sensual… increase sensual delight, rediscover intimacy joy and passion of life,

Mauri Ora… wellbeing and vitality

Cellulite Blend (ask about our sugar scrub add on to enhance your treatments)

Arthritis and Pain Blend

Couples Sensual Native Oil Massage

The couple enjoys a Tandem massage amidst the romantic ambiance of candle light, using our Mauri Oil infusions – Sensual Blends.  calming, and euphoric, making a well-rounded aphrodisiac synergy

or from our Native Plant Essences range ~ Sensual Support for Love and Intimacy: Passion, fulfillment; ease of emotional and physical expression

This is a non sexual massage.

Cost to be discussed.

Kohatu and Native Oils

From our Mauri infusion Oil Range… Marino (Calm), Mamae(Pain/Arthritis ), Mauri Ora (wellbeing) Range.  We use therapeutic oils,  creating amazing synergies that bring about profound calmness, relaxation, stress relief, pain relief. Hot towels and natural stone placement, the therapist moving energy through the body, connecting you with Papatuanuku (Earth Mother), enhances this treatment and allowing the flow of energy to nourish a weary mauri …(life force energy) …and enable balance and replenishment to occur.

Therapy Time Rate
Native Oil Mauri Ora Massage  75, 90, 120 $125 or $195

Pacific Seas Replenishment Treatments

Hawaiian Bodywork is an ancient technique it is delivered through rhythmical arm and hand movements. Described as a nurturing, grounding and Replenishing experience, it can be known as the “Loving Hands” massage. It is profoundly healing and relaxing

Therapy Time Rate Regular Rate
Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi Massage 60 mins $100.00 $80.00
Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi Massage 75 mins $120.00 $100.00
Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi Massage 90 mins $145.00 $130.00
Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi Massage 120 mins $195.00 $180.00
Therapy Time Rate
4 handed massage 60 mins $160.00
4 handed massage 75 mins $180.00
4 handed massage 90 mins $180.00
Indulge in Coconut Tiare, Frangipani or Fejoa and Papaya Coconut Sugar scrub for the back or feet  or both, with hot towels ~ combining a Hawaiian under-body back massage, neck, scalp and minor facial massage.

Therapy Time Rate
 Coconut Tropical Scrub 60-75min $100-135
Treat your body with an invigorating exfoliation with our exotic Infusion sugar scrubs, followed with lashings of Mauri Ora Infusion body butter…your skin will be like velvet!

Therapy Time Rate
Tropical Body Glow 60 mins $150

Tropical Back scrubs ($35) and Foot Scrubs ($35) can be an add on to anyone of our massage treatments

Tandem massage is about a shared experience. Experience this with someone you care about. two separate beds and practitioners,  in the same room or adjacent rooms.  Take a look at our Add Ons

Approx. 2hrs .30 with prep and shower time.

Therapy Time Rate
Tandem Hawaiian Massage Minimum 75 mins $235

You may wish to add a wonderful spa with this over looking the beautiful Waitakere Ranges and Manukau Heads.

Begin your Replenishment journey with a relaxing detox foot soak, from any one of our amazing coconut oil, therapeutic oils and Epsom salts Body Kai Foot Soaks.  Followed with a Tropical Flower, coconut and sugar foot scrub. This foot ritual will truly ground and relax you. Sit back and enjoy one of our Replenishment Teas from our Native Tea Menu.

Be transported to a tropical island…our Hawaiian 1 hour full body massage will soothe and calm body and mind. It is a likened to waves moving under and over the body, feeling nurtured by the profound healing massage strokes of the Pacific.

Our Aromatherapy Facial and Neck Massage is deeply restorative, moisturising and nourishing… Our oil Serum contains; Avocado, Jojoba, Rose hip, Amyris, Petitgrain, Geranium, Ylang, Sandalwood and Neroli

After taking a shower, complete your day…. melt in the spa overlooking the beautiful Waitakere ranges…

This package treatment can be added to or changed, depending on your unique needs.  You may wish to add in a wonderful Mauri Foot massage. No matter what th situation is,  we can arrange a beautiful treatment for yourself or loved one.

Therapy Time Rate
Unique Goddess Replenishment Package 180 mins $260
Add ons are services and products that will enhance your treatment.

You may ask for:

  • A coconut and Sugar Full Body or Back or foot scrub prior to a massage ($50)
  • Foot Massage ($50)
  • Mauri Infused Therapuetic Raw Coco oils, Marino (calm), Aroha (sensual), Mauri Ora (viality and wellbeing)  ($35)
  • Mauri Ora Facial massage with or without our Aromotherapy Facial Serum
  • A sauna will enhance the benefits of a massage ($40)
  • Chakra Balancing ($30)
  • A Spa will finish off your treatment in the most divine relaxing way ($35)
  • Card or Numerology readings ($50-$100)
  • Make Up Artstry

Most packages can be enjoyed with a friend or a loved one or in a small group situation depending on your chosen treatments and services. If you would like to organise a special day or unique package for yourself and others please contact us we are happy to help you arrange this, catering can be arranged.


Gifts..We are more than happy to create a beautiful gift for your loved one