Winter Special Replenishment Treatment



Hot Kohatu (healing stone) placement and massage

Come in out of the cold and feel the meditative warmth of Kohatu placement and Massage.

Lemurian Kohatu (stones), a blend of Mustard Jasper, Red Jasper and Quartz, are used to warm the body, release blockages in the physical, mental and emotional body, nourish and replenish the nervous system and restore the flow of the energy field.

Yellow-Jasper is a highly nurturing stone. It gives a very strong grounding energy, that enables you to feel tranquil and serene if you have been experiencing prolonged overwhelm and stress.  It generates deep relaxing heat into the muscles and bones. and absorbs pain and assists in moving forward on your life path. It assists when working with deep pain and invokes a sense of completeness and wholeness. Its energies will work to unify all aspects of your life moving forward.

Combined  Mauri Ora Full Massage and Hot Kohatu placement, … you will discover profound relaxation, restoration to the energy systems and the gentle release of emotional holding patterns.




Usually 120. Now $90


1 hour

Gift Vouchers Available

Special Infused oils available on request