MindBody Therapies


The Key to attaining well-being is Awareness. MindBody Therapy will enable you to understand that not only does the mind influence the body, but awareness of the body, of how and where it holds physical stress and emotional injury, helps heal the mind! Your mind may repress painful emotions and memories, but the body remembers it all, and it always tells the truth.

Ora Well Body Work will clear blockages, harmonize and rebalance the nervous and hormonal systems. As physical health and functioning improve, so do psychological conditions.

In the same way that the body requires regular exercise and quality nutrition for maintaining optimum physical health, Mind and Body work are powerful allies both for healing and for maintaining the health of the whole person.

All components, mind, body, and spirit are intrinsically linked and require balance for optimum well-being.

We are able to complete a thorough assessemt of your situation and develop a MINDBODY Programe unique to your needs.

Alternatively you may wish to enter Ora Well purely to treat yourself to one of our amazing Replenishment Treatments.

No matter what your situation is your health and well-being are important to us…… when you feel ready to begin creating a new you… please contact us.