Mauri Ora Energy Healing

Empowering you to heal yourself

Everything is Energy. Everything Vibrates. That is a fact of Life.

The cells in our body vibrate with energy in an “organised energy field” that has an innate ability for self-healing and this field can be disrupted and sent into dysfunction by damaging frequencies.

Mauri Energy work facilites healing to the whole person, te taha tinana, (physical), te taha hinengaro, (emotional/psychological), te taha wairua, (spiritual) te taha whanau, positive wellbeing to the family as a whole. Its basis lies in Quantum Touch Therapy and Miri Miri Techniques.

Healing Pricing

Therapy Time Rate
Mauri Ora Energy Therapy 60 mins $80
Mauri Ora Energy Therapy 90 mins $120
Mauri Ora Signature Massage (Energy Healing and massage) 90 mins $145
 Mauri Ora Signature Massage (Energy Healing and massage) 120 mins $190
Mauri Ora Post Pregnancy Energy Therapy  60 mins $80
Facial Massage and Energy Therapy 30 mins  $50