Native Plant Essence and Mauri Massage

The amazing Synergy of Mauri Massage, the infusion of coconut oil and Native Plant Essence, Native Plant oral Tincture , absorption on all levels … This layering effect is extremely beneficial.

The Mauri Energy Work will lift your vibration, the Mauri (life force) of the Plant releases its unique powerful vibration, it is perfectly balanced, with a dynamic life force entering the physical and energy bodies. As the energy of the essence is introduced, it pulsates and flows in waves and is picked up by the appropriate energy currents and carried to wherever it is needed. An essence can help us in the process of clearing energetic blockage and stagnation; aligning what is out of alignment; re-ordering energy that has become chaotic; re-balancing what has become unbalanced; energizing what has become de-energized; and connecting what has become dis–connected.

We are able to offer you prepared blends or prior to your visit, after a complimentary phone consultation, we will assess your needs and create a unique Native Flower Essence blend for you.

Chakra balancer, energiser and protector specially formulated for 21st century conditions.
Poise and tranquility: use when stressed, over-stimulated by external stimuli or experiencing excess mental activity.
Clarity and Concentration: Leadership; concentration; mental discipline; presence of mind; can help when mentally exhausted, fatigued.
Embracing the Feminine: For energetic changes associated with childbirth, pregnancy, birth, menopause, marriage, menarche,motherhood, parenthood, hormonal shifts, mood swings.
Heart and Soul : Comforts; uplifts; soothes, nurtures; for loss, anxiety, grief, uncertainty, despair, isolation.
Optimise Well-being : Holistic well-being support. Helps restore the master patterns for energetic integrity.
Recover, Rebuild and Re-establish : A powerful blend to assist people and communities easily to recover after natural disasters and to be more able to rebuild their lives and re-establish themselves after experiencing the turmoil and upheaval wrought by natural disasters.
Love and Intimacy: Passion, fulfillment; ease of emotional and physical expression.
Sweet Dreams: Calming, relaxing, soothing; can help with tension or stress often associated with lack of sleep.

Native Plant Essences are carefully made from New Zealand’s ancient and native flora. They are completely natural preparations made from native flowers, ferns, trees, seeds and plants. The essences can be combined to create a blend specific to your needs. They are non-intrusive and your body will only take what it needs and will eliminate what it does not require. They work on the emotional core level which can often eleviate pain and discomfort on a physical level. Native Flower essences is a powerful tool for transformation work at a vibrational or energetic level to rebalance the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They work on the electrical network within and surrounding the physical body to correct imbalances and to re-align our energy systems for holistic wellbeing.

What are the benefits

Native Plant Essences work gently to restore balance and harmony within the whole being. Each person’s experience using the essences is unique. Some people experience rapid and dramatic shifts or changes. Others may be aware of the inner changes taking place at a more subtle level. What is generally most noticeable is a feeling of wellbeing, of feeling calmer, clearer or lighter.

Native Plant Essence and Mauri Ora Body Work includes: Mauri Ora Massage, Your unique Native Plant synergy infused coconut oil, take home tincture.

Therapy Time Rate
Mauri Ora Signature Body Work 60 mins $150
Mauri Ora Signature Body Work 90 mins $185