Valentines Day Special

Mindful Couples Massage

The Ultimate Valentines Gift … a gift of love,  that will last a lifetime.

Do you want to make a difference in your relationship, relieve stress and generally feel more balanced?

Often, couples are busy and find little time to truly connect… During a massage session, people are almost intellectually driven to let go of the past and the future and they turn their attention to the present moment, moving out of their head space and into their bodies.

The real goal of couples learning to massage is the giving and receiving of massages and being connected with the intention of “LOVE” ~ energy goes where thoughts flow. The mind and body are one and one cannot be affected without the other being affected.

 Couples learning Massage is a wonderful investment…once you have learnt … you will build on to your massage, in your own creative and unique way, you can experience improved communication.  If you are trying to get pregnant it makes sense that reducing stress through massage could — theoretically — improve your odds of conceiving.

We are offering a Valentines Special … couples learn massage private sessions. Pacific Seas Techniques.  We offer two options:

Option 1

1 x 3 hr session: giving and receiving full body massage $300 per couple with therapeutic grade sensual oils. If you would like your own unique, take home, sensual oil blend, let me know when booking and you can purchase this on the day

You will learn:

  •  Simple breath work for relaxation, allowing you both to get out of the head and into the body.
  •  The art of applying oil, awakening the skin and the nervous system, connecting and creating the free flow of energy
  •  reconnecting with synchronized breath
  •   Learning the HA breath as a receiver and giver during massage, to be fully present in the moment
  •   Full body basic rhythmic massage strokes from the pacific, using forearms and hands. The “Receiver” feeling calmed and nurtured by the loving massage strokes. The “Giver” learning to move to the rhythm of the sea and lulled by the background music. Both the receiver and the giver through the cycle of giving and receiving are deeply enriched by this experience  
  • we will discuss the importance of ambiance, massage dates, setting the scene…using those creative talents.

Option 2:

1 x 2 hr session: seated massaging shoulders, neck, arms, head, feet $200 with therapeutic grade sensual oils. If you would like your own unique, take home, sensual oil blend, let me know when booking and you can purchase this on the day

Although we will be learning the art of therapeutic sensual massage, I do not teach sexual touch techniques.

Please call, with any queries you may have. I am happy to expand on what you will learn and reserve your appointment time.

Terms of Offer

A non-refundable deposit will be required on booking and will be half the cost of the sessions value or you may pay the full amount on making your appointment.

You are able to purchase this special offer for the month of February 2019 and plan your appointment time over a 3 month period, ends 30 May 2019. Sorry there will be no refunds if you are not able to use your “Special Offer” within this period. Emergency situations for appointments already made will be taken into consideration.

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