Work Shops & Retreats

Mauri Ora provides a range of workshops to anyone that wants to grow and develop in their personal journey of “change.” Workshops can be a very powerful tool than can transform your life completely.

They can trigger your creativity and your ability to make creative solutions in life, they can increase your social networks, for work or play, perhaps you will develop a new passion, make a new friend, discover a new pathway, career or pastime if you are looking to heal your life or just to rediscover its joy….there will always be something for you!

Please check out our workshop page from time to time or register your contact details for course posts.

Up and coming workshop dates

Mindful Massage for couples

If you would like to replenish your relationship, rediscover your partner, take your relationships to new heights, learn tools in connecting and increasing intimacy and trust, this workshop is for you

  • Private Sessions for couples
  • Group Work

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a workshop for 2 or more couples. 

We are able to develop couple workshops based on your needs.

Mauri Ora Signature Massage

Please contact if you would like to learn more

Mauri Ora Signature Massage is renowned for its nurturing and balancing qualities, its rhythmic pacific strokes, high vibration and energetic flow, profound relaxation and healing qualities.

No prior massage training is required for this training. This workshop is aimed at non practitioners. It is targeted at those that are interest in learning the basics of this wonderful massage technique. Please click here for full workshop information